Apepê: Building Connections Between Residents and Condominiums

Top 20 Latin America Tech Startups - 2022

The Latin American startup ecosystem is booming, with up to 23 unicorns in the area—at least six of which have emerged in the last year alone. Several startups focus on solving incremental challenges, such as providing add-ons to make an existing system better or faster, owing to the rapid digital infrastructure advancements made in the more developed economies.

Despite challenges such as poverty and social inequality, the region represents a massive market with numerous possibilities for expansion and advancement. According to a study, Latin America’s technology market capitalization is increasing significantly—by 65 percent each year. The numbers in the US stagnate at around 11 percent, and 40 in China. By 2030, the value of Latin American and Caribbean tech companies, as individual ecosystems, is expected to exceed two trillion dollars. Since 2016, Latin America’s venture capital investment has doubled annually, hitting an all-time high of 4.6 billion in 2019. SoftBank, which established a five-billion-dollar fund in 2019 to invest only in the Latin American market, was a major contributor to this spike in funding.

Despite these significant headwinds, the region’s startups are well-positioned to maintain their current, strong growth trajectory. The pandemic has expedited digital transformation in a few sectors but has also shown shortcomings in industries such as education and financial services. These gaps present opportunities for technology startups and attract venture capitalists (VCs) who always aim for more development and influence in emerging economies during these challenging times. As more substantial companies enter the region, they bring with them innovative solutions and also inspire the latest generation of entrepreneurs, forming beneficial partnerships in Latin America.

This issue offers a combination of thought leadership articles from Alfonso De los Rios, co-founder and CEO at Nowports and Josu Gurtubay, co-founder and COO at Cubbo, with real-life stories on fostering robust partnerships and exclusive insights from VCs and CXOs. The magazine also features innovative solutions from companies, including Apepe and Gopanza. We present to you Top Latin America Tech Startups, 2022.

    Top Latin America Tech Startups

  • Apepê combines functions required for the seamless interaction within the condominium in one application. It is a condominium connection and activation application offering a plethora of vital services for the condominium dynamics.


  • Gopanza digitally transforms Brick and Mortar grocers with thier Grocery e-Commerce Platform. Gopanza has been chosen twice as the “Platform par excellence for online shopping” on MIDA's Consumer XRay in 2019 and 2020. 30+ supermarkets already use Gopanza as their eCommerce platform​​.


  • a55


    a55 enables the growth of companies in the new economy through intelligent management tools based on data analysis combined with integrated financial solutions. The first Fintech in Latin America to provide financing based on data and the predictability of its revenue.

  • Cobli


    Cobli brings innovation to logistics across the country and improves fleet performance by reducing fuel, maintenance and vehicle monitoring costs. The company's platform is focused on simplicity of use and alerts, even for the most complex analyses.

  • Cubbo


    Cubbo is a Latin American technology company that fulfills e-commerce orders for direct-to-consumer brands. Cubbo’s software is fully integrated with e-commerce platforms and is building the largest urban warehouse fulfillment network throughout Latin America, to do same-day fulfillment in the entire region.



    Dataland provides all urban information on the same platform, bringing agility and precision on a daily basis. The platform is intended to manage the workflow of land acquisition in an easy and agile way.

  • FletX


    FletX has 40 years of experience in Latin America, and today, it has executed more than 220,000 trips and has more than 7% of the vehicle fleet in the country, and it integrates all the actors of the logistics service in a easy and safe for everyone.

  • Instacrops


    Instacrops is the most powerful AgTech full stack platform in Latin America and specialists developing IoT Hardware and Software development for agriculture, integrating different data sources using artificial intelligence and computer vision techniques to provide information about key parameters of crops, all in one cloud based platform.

  • Klivo


    Klivo, through a platform brings together an application, connected devices and a multidisciplinary health team offering better quality of life to those who live daily with chronic diseases. Through the intense use of technology and human care, it empowers and guide people who have chronic conditions

  • Liftit


    Liftit is the first company in LatAm dedicated to solving logistics problems by implementing technology. It provides the necessary tools to meet the particular needs of the transport industry, making it flexible, fast, innovative and safe.

  • Mi Aguila

    Mi Aguila

    Mi Águila is a transportation technology company focused on driving digital transformation in the corporate sector, revolutionizing mobility for businesses and traditional operators in Latin America. It offers modular, flexible and transversal solution with technological tools that satisfy logistics needs with intensive transport operations.



    Mooh Tech is a French-Brazilian company with a goal to reduce social inequalities and based on the principle of versatility. Chronus is a “multi-experience” application focused on practicality and convenience, transforming the way people perform numerous routine tasks.

  • Nowports


    Nowports is the cargo agent of the future, facilitating the import and export processes of Latin American companies. Nowports intends to to become complete and the most reliable solution for the supply chain of Latin American companies.



    Odata, founded in 2015, with the objective of offering the entire infrastructure to house servers that process information with global distribution, it is focused on providing adequate physical spaces for the storage of large volumes of mission-critical data.

  • Ontop


    Ontop empowers people to expand its businesses rapidly across borders and attract the talents it in a compliant way. It acts as a unique platform where individuals can receive payments and formalize contracts automatically, and also access multiple benefits with its partners worldwide.

  • Pipo Saúde

    Pipo Saúde

    Established to revolutionize how people experience healthcare and aims to do that by being the most human-centric healthcare company in the world. It is a platform where HR, CFOs and CEOs can make the best decisions for their company based on technology, data and education.

  • Tiba


    Tiba, a technology company that was born with the aim of transforming the relationship between small companies in the retail sector and business management. Established from the need of small companies for complete, integrated management solutions suited to their realities.

  • Vixtra


    Vixtra is a complete platform for Latin American importers to buy from international suppliers, offering several benefits for the supply chain. Through intensive use of national and international data, it verifies the reliability of suppliers, reducing potential fraud and non-compliance with contracts.

  • WeKall


    WeKall business telephony service in the cloud provides businesses with a robust Contact Center platform, which enables fluid interaction between high-level teams and drives the overcoming of great challenges in the customer experience.

  • Zak


    An integrated management platform for the digitization and empowerment of restaurants operates in Latin America as a Digital Restaurant Platform with zero fixed cost, and is the only company in the Food Service market. It offers financial solutions in a single, modern and fluid system.