MedPass: Brazil’s Healthcare App Medpass Gains Strong Investor Backing

Top 10 Latin America Startups - 2020

Latin America’s tech-savvy workforce has attracted international companies to maintain support offices in the region for years.Infact, the venture capital investment in Latin America has doubled every year since 2016, reaching an all-time high of US$4.6B in 2019. However, the recent government commitment to develop innovation hubs, coupled with a growing middle class that lead in the adoption of mobile devices, has made Latin America prime territory for global tech companies to target local consumers.

Amazon has been expanding its operations globally for years – most notably its cloud computing operations and services. In Latin America, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently set up a new data center in Argentina, adding to its list of existing offices in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico. The addition of an AWS center in Argentina signifies just how important Amazon’s cloud computing services have become for tech companies in the region, and that the demand for these services is growing. Having a data center nearby helps companies reduce costs and improve data speeds, eliminating the need to rely on services outside of their country or region.

From services for small business owners to greater retail options, many industries in Latin America remain underserved by technology, and Amazon, Google, and Alibaba certainly aren’t the only ones that have taken note. For instance, Latin America is currently a top growth market for Spotify and Netflix as well. Mexico and Brazil are top markets for Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp in terms of monthly users. In fact, almost 100percent of connected Brazilians use WhatsApp. The global ride-hailing leader, Uber, has also noted that its top three cities by volume are all in Latin America.

However, despite years of hard work to get to this point, the region now faces unprecedented challenges to maintain it.Between Q4 2019 and Q1 2020, deal count in Latin America dropped almost 60percent. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis is causing both local and global investors to rethink their strategies, and while deals are still happening, many VCs are doubling down on support for existing portfolio companies and shying away from new deals.

Start-ups across Latin America have proven their resilience to economic shocks time and time again. Entrepreneurs know how to survive and thrive during economic hard times. In fact, vibrant tech hubs have blossomed in countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Colombia despite periods of political and economic uncertainty.

We present to you “Top 10 Latin America Startups– 2020”

    Top Latin America Startups

  • MedPass was founded in 2016 by international investors with decades of experience in the USA, Europe and Brazil. Since the beginning of the operation, the best talents in the medical, engineering and technology areas have been recruited. The firm brings together professionals with over 20 years of experience in IT, Supplementary Health and Operations, with functions of Management, VP and CEO´s.

  • senhasegura offers the entire PAM lifecycle, covering three stages of privilege access—before, during, and after credential use—in its in-house developed, centralized PAM solution. The software stores, manages, and monitors all credentials, such as passwords, SSH keys, and digital certificates, in a secure digital vault. The Privileged Identity module of senhasegura’s PAM solution addresses such issues by dealing with the ‘before access’ stage. The Privilege Access module assists enterprises in managing the human and machine privileged access, including third-party additions and endpoints. In the ‘after access’ stage, the Privilege Auditing module automatically audits the access process to identify possible violations or privilege abuse using its machine learning technology. Even with all these comprehensive features and modules, the platform’s deployment and user experience are easy, intuitive, and seamless.

  • Source Meridian helps their customers create innovative services and solutions and grow their businesses. For that purpose the firm provides rich technology competencies in, publishing, text analytics and pharmaceutical domain expertise. Since their inception, Source Meridian has been focused on delivering the best solutions while maintaining an open-minded, dynamic, and customer-centric approach.

  • U-Payments, is dedicated to provide the Consultancy, Advisory and Implementation services of Payment Method Platforms to enable private and public organizations offer services in collaboration with the formalization of the economy.The firm enable clients to compete in the Latin American region with an in-depth understanding of the nuances of the digital payment culture of each country in the region.U-Payments differentiates itself by offering a proactive service, with a high performance team that provides long-term creative solutions to platforms enable businesses to increase their reach with greater performance and profitability, complying with industry standards and regulations in force in each country.

  • Visibilia born in February 2020 in São Paulo, Brazil, with the vision to make a difference in the tech market by using the real potential that Artificial Intelligence has as an effective mechanism in solving real world problems. Therefore, Visibilia develops AI-based solutions for Human Resources, Marketing and Health markets. These solutions call attention for their assertiveness and ability to offer the answers that really matter to customers. Currently, Visibilia focuses its efforts on positioning itself in the competitive Brazilian market.



    Born in 2018 and headquartered in Curitiba-PR, BIM START - Serviços Tecnológicas LTDA was founded with the aim and ambition to disseminate the use of new technologies to meet different market demands, always starting from the philosophy of projecting in the customer's place , aiming to deliver solutions that really make a difference. Since its first moment of existence, BIM START has become a great ally of the industry and water and energy sectors, constantly improving and seeking to become a reference in digitization and modeling of environments, equipment, systems and land.

  • Krino


    Krino is a Concepción company focused on Data Processing / Analysis and Artificial Intelligence that helps to optimize processes and decision-making in your company. The firm seeks to be the benchmarks at the Latin American level in the area of artificial intelligence and the development of intelligent systems and add positive and growing value to companies through data analysis supported by artificial intelligence.

  • Melon Innovation

    Melon Innovation

    MELON lives for client’s results. Innovation, technology, and strategy are the means they use to achieve it. MELON begins its process at Melon Labs: A place to experiment. To try. To Innovate. To take controlled risks with a small investment. A place where it is ok to make mistakes when looking for solutions! At Melon Labs we help build talent. Students who are searching for opportunities to develop skills and create a portfolio will work hard to creating a Minimum Viable Product to tackle our client’s problem. This process helps them build and track down talent.

  • Nuveto


    Nuveto is the exclusive representative of Five9 and is already present in thousands of service positions in the country. The firm is specialized in innovative cloud solutions with a focus on increasing customer satisfaction, increasing service efficiency through automation and providing information that facilitates decision making and governance of the operation.



    ReactoData focuses on emerging vertical technologies, and with deep understanding and flexibility for startup-minded companies, they work to create innovative products. The firm designs software to face the technological and business challenges of the future, based on scalability, robustness and interoperability. ReactoData promotes the adoption of technologies that allow the development of high performance and scalability "anytime-anywhere" solutions, based on Machine Learning, real-time processing and advanced analytics.