Visibilia: Using the Real Potential of AI

Jorge Valverde-Rebaza, Executive Director of Operations, VisibiliaJorge Valverde-Rebaza, Executive Director of Operations
Due to the revolution caused by Artificial Intelligence (AI)- based technologies, the Brazilian market has adopted them as part of the technological jargon of its daily life. Companies from different sectors, market areas and sizes are aware that AI-based services would help to improve their processes and so, they are making several efforts to adopt them. However, this adoption ends up being superficial—often limited only to complementary services to their processes. Companies show timidity in adopting AI in their most complex processes, sometimes justifying themselves by having to readjust their business model or by the fear that results will not be as expected. Nevertheless, statistics show a constant increase in the use of AI-based technologies in Brazil.

This duality emerges due to the continental scope of the country and, mainly, by the role played by companies developing AI-based services. A substantial amount of these services ends up considering tasks related to automation, analysis services, and other related as being based on AI, even do not use any “intelligent” algorithm. In other cases, services incorporating a specific type of AI, work only under particular conditions making its use on a scale impossible. And it is no wonder that building a fully functional AI service is difficult, even if using pre-trained models, frameworks with algorithms already implemented, cloud computing, and other services.

In this context, Visibilia was founded in February 2020 by talented and experienced young professionals from the world of computing and business. “Visibilia has the vision to make a difference by using the real potential that AI has as an effective mechanism in solving real-world problems,” says Jorge Valverde-Rebaza, the Executive Director of Operations at Visibilia. Moreover, the company aims to make these solutions real agents of transformation in people’s lives, helping them to improve their daily lives.

Visibilia has the vision to make a difference by using the real potential that AI has as an effective mechanism in solving real-world problems

At its core, Visibilia offers three AI-based solutions for different markets. The first solution is focused on the Human Resources (HR) market through a platform that allows the management of the recruitment and selection process, talent management, and people analytics. Thus, the AI implemented in its platform works as a support to the HR team in the automatic suggestion in writing and publishing strategies for a job vacancy, organic publicity of the vacancies, search and recommendation of candidates who make the best match with that vacancy, analysis and prediction of the behaviour of employees who are already part of the team, turn-over prediction, among others. Customers can make better decisions about how to manage people, increase productivity and satisfaction in the work environment, and, above all, get all employees to work dynamically and with common goals.

The second solution is focused on Marketing. “We have developed a Geomarketing platform to assist companies in the creation of territorial expansion strategies for the establishment of their market areas,” states Valverde-Rebaza. Thus, considering the characteristics and commercial objectives of a company, our AI performs geospatial segmentation of a given city in relation to its socioeconomic, demographic, and behavioural distribution, to recommend the geographic zones representing market areas with the greatest business potential for opening (new) commercial points for such company. Visibilia’s third product is for the Health market and has been built in response to the global crisis of COVID-19. “We developed an AI capable of fully diagnosing the presence of COVID-19 in medical x-ray images and computed tomography scans of the lung,” mentions Valverde-Rebaza. In addition to its high precision and fast processing time, our AI is able to identify the regions of the lung with lesions caused by COVID-19, highlight them with curves well-adjusted to their contours, as well as quantify them in relation to the lung parenchyma.

As a young company, Visibilia positions itself in the market. It is establishing the good old practice of doing a good job. With the support of the technical and soft skills of the team, Visibilia’s solutions call attention for their assertiveness and ability to offer the answers that really matter to customers. This has allowed the company to receive investments, win awards, and take the attention from TV and other media in such a short time. “We know that consolidation in the market will be an arduous battle for a young company mainly because this consolidation must be assertive and minimizing the risks of failure. For this reason, we are looking for new partnerships, collaboration contracts and rapprochement with other companies, and for financial investment to expand, above all, our infrastructure and human resources,” concludes Valverde-Rebaza.
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São Paulo, Brazil

Jorge Valverde-Rebaza, Executive Director of Operations

Visibilia born in February 2020 in São Paulo, Brazil, with the vision to make a difference in the tech market by using the real potential that Artificial Intelligence has as an effective mechanism in solving real world problems. Therefore, Visibilia develops AI-based solutions for Human Resources, Marketing and Health markets. These solutions call attention for their assertiveness and ability to offer the answers that really matter to customers. Currently, Visibilia focuses its efforts on positioning itself in the competitive Brazilian market.